Honorable Minister Rural Development Shri. D.Manikya Vara Prasad visits APARD

            The honorable minister of rural development Shri.Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad Rao has visited the APARD on 11th January,2011. The minister for Rural development has participated as a chief guest in the DWMA project Director's conference held in APARD. The minister for RD emphasized the need for implementing the MGNREGS program in atransperant manner and requested all the Project Directors and additional project directors not to yield to local pressures and commit mistakes. He directed all the PDs to not to spare any malpractices in the implementation of the program by any of the field functionaries. Further The Minister for RD stated that AP is being looked as the role model in implementing the MGNREGS in the country and the system that are in place are being appreciated by Government of India too.

            The Principal Secretary Shri. R.Subrahmanyam, while addressing the PDs and APDs has reiterated that rural development department is contemplating to bring emms, e-check measurement to improve the efficiency of the machinery and to ensure timely payments to the labors. The principal secretary also requested all the PDs to complete all the village level plans hits geocoding to all works and all off the works to SSS by 17th January. He informed that proper systems were put in place by TCS. Various issues related to MGNREGS program implemented were discussed in the conference.


            Rural Devolvement Commissioner Smt. JayaLakshmi, RD special commissioner Shri. Vidya sagar, APARD Commissioner Shri K. Chandrmouli, Chief vigilance officer (MGNREGS) Smt.Sudhrani were also present in the conference and offered their valuable inputs for effective implementation of the NREGS program .











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