Dr. Sunder Raman, renowned Environmentalist visited APARD on 15-01-10.

       Dr. Sunder Raman, renowned Environmentalist visited APARD on 15-01-10. As part of his visit, he addressed the faculty members on Global Warming. Even though, changes are coming in the climate over the past 100 years, increase in global warming is felt in the last 15 years. He observed that this change is mainly due the increase in the CO2 emissions. In the coming years there is going to be increase in the consumption of coal and oil due to increase in development needs in development countries. Hence, there is a danger of increase in global warming, the effects of which would be: unseasonal rains, heavy rains in short period, flash floods, prevalence of diseases like Malaria, deaths in vulnerable populations due to sun strokes, decrease in crop yields etc. The KYOTO Protocol did not achieve the goals set so far. Therefore , to reduce the global warming, political commitment followed by action in reducing carbon emissions by developed nations is inevitable in near future. The Copenhagen accord reached due to the effort of BASIC nations is expected to lead to a legally binding solutions by the United Nations in future. He further added that in Indian culture, there are several cultural practices which are eco-friendly and we need not think that the Western models are the only solutions.











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