How you can Help?


TSIPARD is a non-profit organization founded with an objective to support the underserved rural communities by facilitating their development/ in a collaborative and sustainable manner. We focus on the poorest and hard-to-reach rural regions of Andhra Pradesh, India. If you share our vision and wish to give a better quality of life to the rural poor, please support us.

We offer a diverse portfolio of opportunities for you to engage in the change you wish to see the lives of these people. Your contributions can be used for multiple purposes like for setting up livelihoods resources for poor families, creating facilitates/services for communities, conducting rural research studies, implementing development activities, enhancing capacities of rural development officers that translates into better service to poor, or to carry out any special development project of your interest in any region of Andhra Pradesh.

We encourage you to contact us to know more about our activities, and to understand how your contributions will be used.

You can contribute to TSIPARD through donations, project / research sponsorships, infrastructure facilities funds or by even volunteering in the development projects.

Please use the form below to let us know how you wish to support us


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