Centre for Media and Publication

This Center is in-charge of the state-of-the art video facility at TSIPARD. We have in place Hi-end digital video cameras, coverage cameras with lights, SLR cameras for still photography and other equipment.

We also have fully equipped edit suites with FCP and Maya Animation software; digital sound recording studio with Protools 8 and voiceover room to cover a wide range of documentary product ion activities. 

With our team of accomplished professionals, academicians, script writers and producers we are now in a position to not only handle our growing needs of in-house productions but also offer our services as a one-stop production house for anyone. 

This Center offers its services for consultancy, script development, planning and executing shooting and to deliver the end product to any organization of repute with video production needs. 


Collect and compile information on Panchayat Raj and Rural Development issues available in different sources- News papers, Books and Journals, and field level reports

Disseminate information using both electronic and print media to the academies, field functionaries and activists of rural development using both print and electronic media- in the form of books, Journals, films. Etc

To act as a resource Centre and a clearing house of information on rural development in Andhra Pradesh and preserve various publications, research reports, and data apart from journals and other unpublished material

Catering to the information needs of various agencies working in Panchayat Raj and Rural Development


Run the monthly Journal of the Academy "Stanika Palana" in English and in Telugu covering subjects relevant to Panchayat Raj and Rural Development in the State.

Collect the articles from the faculty, department concerned, field functionaries and other's  for the Journal

Edit and design the Journals

Dispatch the Journal to all the Gram Panchayats, local bodies under Panchayat Raj, PR & RD bodies at District and State level.

Bring oul publications in'the form of books, special scries on issues relevant for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development

Produce films and documentaries for training programmes conducted by various centres.

Coordinate with SAPNET and oversee the telecast of films and transmission of live discussions through Mana TV - Rural Development channel.

Offer film making skills to other departments and evolve this Unit into a Profit Centre to the TSIPARD

Any other work assigned by the Commissioner, TSIPARD

Bringing out publications in the form of books, special series on issues relevant for Panchayat raj and rural development

Running the monthly journals of the Academy in English and Telugu covering subjects relevant for Panchayat Raj and rural development in the State. 

Producing films and documentaries on the status various rural development programmes highlighting critical issues, like capacity building, devolution of powers to Panchayat Raj bodies, etc.

Offering filmmaking skills to other departments and evolve to this Unit into a Profit Center to the TSIPARD.


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Democratic Decentralisation and Panchayat Raj Institutions in India

Pragatinagar Liquid Waste Treatment Plant

Right to Information Act 2005

Work Shop of Writers for Stanika Palana and Mana TV Programmes

A Brief Note on Centre for Media and Publications



Our Team

Dr. Sri G. jayapala Reddy 
Centre Head,
Media & Publication Cell

Conact No:+91 8978444175

Ms Supriya
Non-linear Editor
M.Pradeep Kumar
Research Associate
Graphic Designer
Mr. Anil Kumar

Over 33 years of experience in administration,resecarch & faculty

23 years in administration and supervising the governmental programmes, policies, implementation, and multimedia publicity activities in Govt.of India Ministry of I&B.

4 years in research and projects at J.N.U & ICSSR, New Delhi

6 years in Teaching at Faculty of political science in Kakatiya University, Warangal.



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