TSIPARD has 12 dedicated work centres focusing on striving towards strengthening natural resource management, environment & disaster management, women & child Welfare, Land administration for the poor, human resource management, eGovernance, social empowerment and equity, and planning and administration in the rural regions.

Centre For Decentralisation and Planning and Administration(CDP&A)

Centre For Natural Resource Management(CNRM)

Centre for IT & eGovernance(IT&eG)

Centre For Research, Documentation and Training

Centre For Management of Environment and Disasters(CMED)

Centre For Women Empowerment and Child Development(CWCD)

Centre For Social Justice & Voluntary Action(CSJ&VA)

Centre for Management and Rural Infrastructure (CMRI)

Centre for Media and Publication(M&P)

Centre for water and sanitation (CWS)

Centre for Social Audit,Transperancy & Accountability(C-SATA)


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