Centre for Social Justice & Voluntary Action

Activities of the Centre

a. Imparting training to

i. Training Programme on Lab-to-Land/APARD KEY-CAP to "Bharat Nirman Volunteers" of Scheduled Areas.
ii. Orientation Training Programme on PESA Act 1996 to Government Officials, Civil Society Members, SHG Members of Scheduled Areas.
iv. ZPTC, MPPs at AMR-APARD level
v. NGO Leaders working in various districts to associate themselves in each programme.
vi. Sarpanches and MPTCs at District Level for one day at District headquarters.
vii. Ward Members at Mandal Level.

b. To secure details of all schemes of the programme earmarked under each department for Special Components Plan and Tribal Plan with all details department wise.

c. District wise and Mandal wise allocations and the entitlements of beneficiaries.

d. Monitoring of budget releases by Finance Department (Secretariat) and follow up action.

e. Obtaining regulations governing expenditure issued by respective Heads of Departments and involvement of PR institutions in matters of sanctions, implementation and monitoring.

f. Visiting every month two districts one for SC Special Component and one for ST Tribal Sub Plan for evaluation of the performance, its impact and general public opinion about benefits derived.


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