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Key Projects/Programs Handled

Workshops on the following Study Reports were organized and recommendations were made for placing them before the Land Committee headed by Sri Koneru Rangarao, Hon'ble Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development.

Endowment Lands

Tenancy Laws

Board Standing Orders and Land related Acts

Tribal Laws

Legal Assistance to the poor

Workshop on "Resettlement and Rehabilitation" of Project Displaced Persons was organized.


The following four projects entrusted by Centre for Good Governance. under Change and Delivery Plan / Projects were prepared.

Setting up of a Revenue Academy 

Training Need Assessment in respect of Revenue functionaries for change and delivery of services.

Study and Review of functions and structure of Revenue Administration for change and delivery of Services

Study for Improvement in the Legal Case Load Management and Legal Support System to the Poor

Training Program

Capacity Building and Development of skills in Revenue Administration Laws

Goal and Objective
Responsive, transparent, efficient and accountable Governance system and Effective Service Delivery particularly to the poor.

Lecture, Power point Presentation on the subjects and interaction with the participants

Program Contents 

Role of Village Accounts in Revenue Administration 
Designates VRO as Village Magistrate and who also extends cooperation for the developmental activities taken up in the village.

Public and Private Property Protection Laws 
Eviction of ineligible encroachers in Government land and grant of Government land to eligible landless poor and implementation of the provisions under Land Grabbing Act.

Laws on Abolition of Intermediaries 
Implementation of provisions for abolition of Estates, Inams and Jagirs.

Assignment of Government Lands & A.P. Assigned Lands (Prohibition of Transfers) Act, 1977 as Amended in 2007
Sanction of available Government land or unobjectionable Government Land to the landless poor. Restoration of Assigned lands to the assignees in case there is alienation of land.

Tenancy Laws 
Safeguarding the interests of Tenants by way of providing access to credit agencies for obtaining loans and also safeguarding their rights as tenants.

Agency Laws
It relates to the lands located in the Scheduled Areas notified under the 5th Schedule of the Constitution. As laid down in the 5th Schdule every inch of land belongs to the tribal in Scheduled Areas and transfer of land from Tribels to non-tribals in the Scheduled Areas is prohibited. Eviction of non-tribals and handing over possession to the tribals is contemplated in Regulation 1 of 1970. Grant of Government lands available in the Scheduled Areas to the land less poor tribals is also envisaged. 

A.P. Land Reforms (Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings) Act, 1973
The lands held by the land lords in excess of the ceiling area ranging from acres 10.00 wet to acres 54 dry will be taken over and distributed to the land less poor. 

The A.P. Rights in Land and Pattadar Pass Books Act, 1971
Grant of Pattadar Pass Books and Title Deeds to the owner & Pattadars to enable them to get loans from credit agencies instead of running from pillar to post to get copies of village accounts.

District Office Manual.
Procedure for running the office administration in all the offices of the State except Secretariat 

Over view of Land Acquisition Act, 1894
Acquisition of private lands for public purpose as per the procedure contemplated under the Act.

Role of Revenue Officers as Executive Magistrates
The District Collector, Joint Collector and District Revenue Officer are vested with the powers of District Magistrate and Additional District Magistrate for maintaining Law and Order in the respective Districts. Revenue Divisional Officer/ Sub-Divisional Officers and Tahsildars are vested with the powers of Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Mandal Executive Magistrates to maintain Law and Order in their respective Jurisdiction. 

Right to Information Act, 2005.
The officers working in the Revenue Department are also designated as Public Information Officer/ Assistant Public Information Officer as the case may be to perform the functions mandated in the Act.

How the Program helped?
Effective and speedy implementation of Revenue Laws 

In the words of Smt. B. Bharathi Lakpath Naik, District Revenue Officer, Adilabad "Though the Acts and Rules available in the books the faculty explained practically with a human approach one has to discharge duties and responsibilities and during these three days got immense knowledge in Assigned Lands, POT Act, LA Act, 1894, Land Transfer Regulations, RTI Act, 2005 and quite useful to update my knowledge". 

In the words of Sri B. Kesava Rao, Spl. Grade Dy. Collector, Visakhapatnam "The Course is really useful in day to day administrative setup and has clearly broadened our outlook and help us to serve the poor".

In the words of Sri A. Srinivas, Tahsildar, Rayachoti, Kadapa District "It boosts the moral and confidence to proceed with more determination in discharging duties".

In the words of Smt. Farheen Prob. Dy. Tahsildar, Golkonda Mandal, Hyderabad District "The Acts dealt by me in the Office would yeild concludive results by this training. This training reinforces my commitment and conviction in life as whole".


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