Land Cell










Focus and Objectives

To provide continuous and comprehensive training to all levels of Revenue Functionaries.

To contribute to a continuing improvement in the administration of the Revenue Department so that it is able to fulfill the aspirations of the people at an accelerated pace and effective delivery of services to the poor in particular. 

Endeavours to make significant positive contributions for upgrading and refining the knowledge, skills and attitudes of officials functioning at different levels in the Revenue Department of the State Government. 

To develop training programmes and evolve modules on Land Administration Laws and other related laws with emphasis on the pro-poor Legislation. 

To promote initiatives and improvements in the system of Revenue Administration.

To provide leadership and guidance to other training institutes in the districts.

To undertake, promote and co-ordinate research, case studies in Land Administration Laws.

To bring about attitudinal change in officials to make them more responsive and responsible to meet the requirements of public service.

To understand and critically appreciate the role of Revenue Department in the overall development of the State and the well being of the people.

To act as State Level Resource Centre on Revenue Laws, Court Judgments, laws in other states and countries on similar issues. 

To continuously enhance the legal knowledge of Revenue Officials and capacity to write judgments / orders.


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