Centre for Management of Environment and Disasters

Over the years disasters caused by natural hazards have been causing losses in human and livestock deaths, injuries and much damage to the public and private property. Despite the efforts of the government and the support of the non-governmental agencies there is no reduction in the overall losses suffered. 

Pressures due to population growth and the ever increasing exploitation of the limited natural resources for the development projects have resulted in an increase in the vulnerability of the communities. This trend drew the attention of the Government of India to take some measures for increasing the awareness levels in the stakeholders by way of increasing their capacity to face hazards in a better manner leading to reduced losses to the society. 

Government of India (GoI) is providing financial assistance to Administrative Training Institutes/State Institutes of Rural Development or other training institutes in State/UTs, for strengthening training facilities in the area of disaster mitigation and management. The assistance is given under a Central Sector Plan Scheme which had been initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture during the 8th Five Year Plan and has continued over the 9th and 10th Five Year Plans. The responsibility for operation of the Scheme was transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs with effect from June 2002.

The State Government set up of “Centre for Disaster Management” vide G.O.Ms.No.339, dated 12-08-1996 from Panchayat Raj, Rural Development & Relief (RLF.III) Department. Presently it is named Centre for Management of Environment and Disasters (CMED)


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