Centre for Decentralised Planning and Administration



54 Years of AMR-APARD

Manual for Management of Extension Training Centres

Certificate Course in Rural Development and Decentralised Planning

PowerPoint Presentations


UN WOMEN PROJECT Promoting Women’s Leadership and Gender Responsive Governance


Backward Regions Grant Fund

National Rural Health Mission (2005- 2012)

General Body meetings - General Body meetings & Standing Committee meetings of Zilla Parishads

The state of Panchayats
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Autocratic (Dictatorship)
BalicaViplavam Brouch
BRGF ppt
Centrally Sponsered schemes Material for MPTCs Training Material.
Decentralized Planning
Decentralized Planning-1
Devolution Powers
Evolution of PRIs in AP PPT
G.P. & Sarpanch powers and functions PPT
Girl Report Card
GP Ward Members Trainer Material
Grama Panchayat Module-2006
Grama Sabha-1 PPT
Grama Sabha- 2 PPT
Grama Sabha- 3 PPT

Intermediate panchayats

Powers & functions of Halqa Panchayat
A.P Gram panchayat landdevelopment(Layout&Building)rules,2002
Leadership, Planning & Social Audit Materail for Sarpanches , MPTCs Training
Mandal Praja Parishad Module - 2006
MPP-Powers and functions
UN women project Promoting Women’s Leadership and Gender Responsive Governance

District planning 

The MPP Sp Officers Immediate tasks

The state of panchayats-1
RTI in Telugu
Rural Development Through Democratic Decentralization
Special offers training material
The Beacon Panchayats How and Why
ToT - MPP-Powers and functions
Training Large Numbers The Andhra Pradesh Experience

Stakeholder  Work shop for GOI-UN Women Programme

Promoting Women’s Political Leadership and Gender Responsive Governance - Initiatives of AMR-APARD
Water & Sanitation material for sarpanches , MPTCs Training
Zilla Pranalika Karadipida


Integrated District Planning Volume-1

Integrated District Planning Volume-2

Integrated District Planning Volume-3

Integrated District Planning Volume-4


Integrated District Planning Volume-5


Integrated District Planning Volume-6

Integrated District Planning Volume-7


Integrated District Planning Volume-8



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