Centre for Decentralised Planning and Administration

The Objectives 

To Design and implement the Capacity Building training Programmes for Elected Representatives and Official functionaries of PRIs to evolve as Institutions of local self governments

To act as a think tank for Panchayat Raj Department

To undertake action research and evaluation studies on various issues related to PRIs

To form Networks of Panchayats

To Establish collaborative arrangements with NGO networks working with PRIs


The Centre mainly focusses on Designing Training Programmes that will aid to enhance the knowledge and skill sets required to improve the performance of functionaries of PRIs through Systematic Approach to Training in awarance with the national cpacity building framework

The Centre strives to Develop Master Resource Persons, Training of Trainers in various aspects related to PR

The centre primarily organises trainings to Critical Functionaries at State,District and Mandal Levels and encourages ETCs to cover the Critical Functinaries at Grampanchayat level, as well as P.R.E.R


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