Capacity building of rural development officers and panchayat raj officers (rural administration) officers and functionaries forms the most strategic aspect in mobilising all the schemes, policies and plans of the government and other organisation for rural development, as these officials are at the grassroots, working directly with the rural communities and are the key players in delivering the planned services and benefits to the rural poor. The competence of these officers is directly related to the successful implementation of development plans. TSIPARD thus acts as an enabler in successful implementation of rural development schemes and projects. It trains and builds competency in the rural administration and development officers to efficiently deliver service to the people and also creates awareness among the people about the services available.

The institute caters to the capacity building requirements of around 2.61 lakh elected representatives of Panchayat Raj (Rural Administration) institutions and around 50 thousand officials from rural development department. It also extends its service to various other government departments.

Systematic Approach Training (SAT)

We adopt complete "Systematic Approach Training" for imparting trainings to our clientele groups

Analysis of tasks to be performed by the functionary
Specification of Required K.S.A.
Assessment of training requirements
Statement of Training Needs
Course Design
(Syllabus, Analysis &Synthesis of content, Methodology, 
Detailed Session Plans, Visual aids, films, Handbooks, 
checklist, reading material etc)
Piloting of the Modules
Modification of draft training modules
Implement & Monitoring of training programs
Evaluation of Training
Improving the training modules based on evaluation feedback and the evolving requirements

Training for capacity building is imparted through both Direct Mode and  Cascading modes. 

Direct Training Programs on-campus training programs that are arranged for all key functionaries at TSIPARD, at our 2 Extension Training Centres and at district levels. 

Cascading Mode of Training is adopted for bigger groups like Ward Members and other grass root level functionaries. Suitable trainers are identified, who may be NGO workers, Retired Officials, former members rural development departments. These Trainers are subjected to rigorous training at TSIPARD in using Participatory methodologies for training the elected representatives, and they inurn reach out the participants and train them

TSIPARD has also adopted Distance Mode of Training through centrally located studio (located at Hyderabad) using Ku band Satellite transmission facility to reach Village Level Functionaries of various departments. This approach helps us cover huge groups of targeted participants and also enhance the training experience. 



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