Our Approach

Capacity Building Services:

A time tested multi-pronged approach is being adopted by TSIPARD for several years, to reach the huge target of 2.61 Lakh elected representatives. Training is imparted through both Direct Mode and through Cascading modes. 

Distance Mode of Training through centrally located studio (located at Hyderabad) using Ku band Satellite transmission facility is being adopted to reach Village Level Functionaries of various departments. This approach helps us cover huge groups of targeted participants and also reduces costs. 

Direct Training Programs are arranged for all key functionaries at TSIPARD, 2 Extension Training Centres and at district levels. Direct training is imparted for a period of 3 to 6 days at TSIPARD and ETCs.

Cascading Mode of Training is adopted for bigger groups like Ward Members and other grass root level functionaries. A system of identifying suitable trainers, who can handle training sessions are selected from NGOs, Retired Officials, former members of Mandal Parishad Presidents and other Panchayat Raj staff. These Trainers are subjected to rigorous training at TSIPARD in using Participatory methodologies for training the elected representatives. Cascading Mode of training is imparted for a period of 2 to 3 days at mandal head quarters, where batches of 35-40 functionaries are organised.

All our training programs are driven by the requirements of the people (rural poor) who have to be ultimately benefited

Research and
Consulting Services

These initiatives respond to the needs, priorities, opportunities and constraints identified by poor rural people. Our research and consulting projects begin with an focus to understand requirements of the rural people and strive to achieve sustainable solutions to transform their lives. Our approach is to work at the grass root level keeping the rural poor people at the centre of all development plans and activities.

Education Services:

The approach adopted in our educational services is to focus on imparting skills that actively engage students in all aspects of the selected rural development domain developing competence to design and implement sustainable projects with effective tools and methods. The training is complimented with live project work that help students get on-the-ground experience understanding of the real issues of rural development. 


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