TSIPARD(Telangana State Institute of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development) has been working relentlessly for over 62 years in building capacities for sustainable development of the rural poor. TSIPARD is an Apex Training Institute in state of Telangana for capacity building of Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Officials. We also consistently focus on Research that helps us offer high quality consulting services in rural development.

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CDPA Training programes
  • Trg programme to SC,ST Sarpanches 06-04-2017 to 08-04-2017,10-04-2017 to 12-04-2017, 17-04-2017 to 19-04-2017, 20-04-2017 to 22-04-2017, 24-04-2017 to 26-04-2017, 27-04-2017 to 29-04-2017

  • Refreshment Training Programme to Panchayat Secretaries 17-04-2017 to 19-04-2017,20-04-2017 to 22-04-2017, 24-04-2017 to 26-04-2017, 27-04-2017 to 29-04-2017

CWS Training programes
  • Safe Drinking water, water handling practices, monitoring & Planning of the water resources 17-04-2017 to 18-04-2017, 19-04-2017 to 20-04-2017, 21-04-2017 to 22-04-2017, 24-04-2017 to 25-04-2017, 26-04-2017 to 27-04-2017, 28-04-2017 to 29-04-2017

CNRM Training programes
  • Induction trg prog to ECs and TAs on MGNREGS 04-04-2017 to 14-04-2017
CMED Training prog.
  • Heat / Cold wave Management 13-04-2017 to 15-04-2017

TSIPARD Training Calendar

TSIPARD has been enhancing
  capabilities and building
  competencies  of 1.04 lakh
  Panchayat Raj elected
  representatives, who are the
  key players in delivering the
  planned services and benefits
  to the rural poor.


  A continuous process of
  research and innovation is a
  key element strategy of 
  TSIPARD. We have expertise
  in  identifying and developing
  pro-poor solutions and


TSIPARD offers high quality
  rural development consulting
  and project management
  services. We play think-tanks 
  to many organizations in
  devising their development
  strategies and operations. 


Status of Candidates applied for contract posts of ECs & APOs for SRDS, Government of Telangana                      

Facilitating people centric process where people decide their development priorities and participate in planning & implementation


Providing knowledge and capacity to improve & best utilize the natural resources for its sustainable development

Facilitating computer awareness among PanchayatRaj officials and strengthening the Panchayat Raj system

Focusing on issues related empowering women, and children's well being and education

Working on developing disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and rehabilitation efficiencies.

Working for social justice and economic betterment of marginalised communities of schedule caste and schedule tribes. 

Enabling administration of  land and its management with a pro-poor attitude. 

Equipping the projects and organizations involved in rural development with most competent and efficient professionals. 


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